We would love to bring a bit of Molise into your home – and to bring you into ours!

Our story is set in one of the most charming spots of Italy, maybe less well-known and not very industrialized but kept alive by authentic and passionate traditions. This is the place we know better than anywhere else, the place we call home.

Now we want to share this gem with you: a small region with a big heart, filled with ancient castles and beautiful churches, artistic masterpieces and breathtaking landscapes, unique hamlets and genuine people.

Our idea is to enclose the best of our region in a box and send it to you, giving you a hint of what you could taste and feel in Molise.

The journey we plan for you will then be a truly authentic experience that you'll carry forever in your heart: you will explore a unique land, discover its treasures and beauty, accompanied by the most intense flavours of our traditional cuisine thanks to dedicated workshops.

Your contribution is essential to help us make a difference for our region.
We support local businesses operating with low impact on the territory and we promote ecotourism as a sustainable and conscious action in favour of the environment.

We are all about contact and sharing, so please send us your memories if you know our Region, We will build an archive to keep these memories alive through time, and to preserve them for the new generations. (please email to info@moliseinabox.it)

Press Kit

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